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Taken from http://www.lamudi.com.mx/journal/10-consejos-para-escoger-un-agente-inmobiliario

It was time to sell or rent your house or apartment, either because you move to a larger or smaller space (according to the case) within the same city where you live but you do not have time to make appointments and present the home, flat or you move to another city or country. Lamudi presents you 10 tips for choosing a real estate agent.

1. Ask for recommendations to friends or acquaintances

If you know of someone who has recently put up for sale or rent a property through a real estate agent, requested information. If you are satisfied with the real estate agent who worked with him, It is a good indicator.

2. Avoid relying on family or friends

We often rely on family or friends for certain products and services at a cheaper price, moved by the confidence we have in these people. But nevertheless, it is better to go to an expert on the subject.

3. Review your marketing plan

The real estate agent that suits you is the one with the best marketing plan that fits your budget and the characteristics of the property (condition, Location, antiquity). Check where and how to announce your property.

4. Corroborates if a day

With the rapid growth of the internet and selling real estate in this way, It is very important that your realtor knows the latest on this channel, and advertise your property online real estate portals.

5. Depth interview a geologist

By knowing the real estate agent, do not expect a casual conversation. Go prepared as if it were a job interview and dress him all possible questions, to share their experiences and how they work.

6. request references

Ask them to agents're interviewing a list of customers with whom he has worked in the past six months. Contact them and ask for information on how the agent works and whether or not they are satisfied with it.

7. Not all that glitters is gold

Be careful to select a real estate agent who charges few fees or commissions, because the agent must cover various expenses such as advertising. Either you go for the agent valuing your home with the highest price.

8. Inquire about their bargaining

When you interview the real estate agent, to give you an idea about their bargaining see how he handles the issue of fees and commissions. With this you will notice how sell or rent your home in the future.

9. Beware temporary contract

Choose a trial period of three months in the contract celebrated with the realtor. If you are not satisfied with their performance, You have greater flexibility to change.

10. Franchise agents

Although not guarantee a success, a real estate agent belongs to a franchise or real estate agency guarantees quality standards and customer


Publication date: October 10, 2016 - 17:19